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Credimarks Story

Credimarks is building a financial institution for smallholder cocoa farmers in Ghana.

Credimarks is building a financial institution in Ghana devoted to enhancing the productivity and prosperity of smallholder cocoa farmers, men and women, young and old, with transparent financial products. We are focusing on a critical use of finance: financing productivity enhancing investment. We will be providing farmers the financial capacity to purchase key input supplies such as fertilizer, pest control products and irrigation systems. This credit will lead to higher farm incomes, reduced poverty levels while providing strong repayment capacity.

We have a history in consumer credit scoring in the informal sector.

Credimarks began as a credit scoring company--by employing the advanced analytics we developed in our credit scoring models combined with a growing customer data base, we will be able to design more advanced products with lower defaults than currently exists. We will meet our customers in their communities and on their farms with our field officer teams, a necessary step in developing the close customer relationships necessary to achieve volume and repayments in this dispersed rural society.

We have assenbled a Board experienced in cocoa farming and banking low income customers.

Credimarks has assembled a Board of Directors experienced in cocoa farming, ag lending and best practices in banking.  Our CEO brings decades of experience at ABN and as CEO of commercial banks in Rwanda and South Sudan. Our team has been long term investors in highly successful banks serving the underbanked, such as South Africa’s Capitec.   We will be headquartered in Ghana’s Western Region, the heart of one of the most productive cocoa regions in the world. 

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